Parking Lot Blues

April 15, 2008

More new Gomma heat in the shape of Munk and Asia Argento being led down an alley in Brooklyn by The Juan Maclean and getting violated with his Death Disco appendage.

In less queasy terms, the new Munk single Live Fast, Die Old features the sometime actress and somtime singer but mostly always a bit horny looking Asia Argento ( you all checked the In Flagranti remix of her collab with Antipop yes?) and comes with some splendid remix action from The Juan Maclean, Maral Salmassi & Zero Cash and Gomma boss Headman (brother Discodust has had the Maral and Cash remix up for some weeks btw)

It’s all about the re/fix by the Iain Dowie lookalike from the DFA here, which follows on nicely from the recent Happy House single which is cherished to a great degree at Slutty Fringe

Munk feat Asia Argento – Live Fast, Die Old (The Jaun Maclean Remix) / ysi

Live Fast, Die Old is released in May, with the Munk longplayer Cloudbuster to follow soon after!

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