Machine Gun – Tronik Youth Shr-Edit

April 21, 2008

Back in the daisy age days of the nineties, the claustrophobic triphoppery of mumbling Bristolian Tricky always found favour over your Portisheads and your Massive Attacks in the Slutty Fringe residence – however we have to admit to genuinely liking what we done heard of the new Portishead namely lead single Machine Gun.

On Saturday whilst having fun at the Warm Lasermagnetic night (despite only seeing one bloody song by The Chromatics) I bumped into Neil from Tronik Youth and he told me about a re/editt hat they’d done of Machine Gun which was getting love from the DJs (I think Skull Jus Jus are fans) but hasn’t spread across the internet yet – so let’s change that!

Love this – sounds like it’s been taken from The Terminator, some mad industrial sci fi techno thump going on here

Portishead – Machine Gun (Tronik Youth Shr-Edit) / ysi

be looksing out for the new Tronik Youth EP on Backyard on june 2nd

One Response to “Machine Gun – Tronik Youth Shr-Edit”

  1. nancy Says:

    listened to it twice could really get into it

    strange photos

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