It’s Not Called Hackers……

May 7, 2008

Words haven’t appeared on here describing Miss Odd Kidd‘s naughty music for at least a minute too long – not for any particular reason just because there has been so much other music that has slapped us in the face and demanded our attention.

(though if this blog was actually centred on interesting hair then words of appreciation would definitely be in front of your eyes regarding the fine fringe Miss Odd Kidd was sporting on Friday evening)

However there has been more than a certain amount of badgering directed at rising talent Plimsouls ever since he disclosed he was remixing the Black Affair produced Sperm Donor – with the results being a somewhat lovely piece of electropop pie.

Finally after ages (partly down to a forgotten download link) Slutty Fringe has been given the lime green light to wrap it in silly words and give it a punt in the general direction of the internet.

Miss Odd Kidd – Sperm Donor (Plimsouls Remix)

A Plimsouls sounding bonus is now provided in the form of his remix of Surprise! by yet another talented young Parisian called Janedge which has just surfaced as the fourth release by Boule a facettes

Janedge – Surprise! (Plimsouls Remix)

You can cop the rest of Janedge’s EP at the Bouleafacettes blog and check Plimsouls myspace for his massive new remix of 2 Doors Down by Mystery jets.

**photo by Solen**

One Response to “It’s Not Called Hackers……”

  1. Violet Says:

    That Plimsouls Remix sort of sounds like they’re sampling “where’s your head at?” by Basement Jax

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