Triple Chrome Dipped

May 7, 2008

I am big on Agyness Deyn (maybe not so big that her fledgling musical career will get any more than the cursorary mention given here) but any musical correspondence forwarded that contains the magic words will certainly pique my fancy.

Step forward then Noir Boys Club who named a track after the honey from Hull – this shit was downloaded before I even read who is behind it – only the joint musical minds of Lillica Libertine and Glamour Soundsystem who as Noir Boys Club form one branch of a very fashionmedia savvy tree called Style Noir.

The track Agyness Deyn is from the forthcoming EP “Style Noir presents:NBC” and is on some hefty lysergic electrohouse tip – they also sent through a splendid remix of that Wiley track wot is everywhere right nows and a remix of new Universal signing Marvin but that’s not getting posted cos the Universal legal time are like the Mafia

Noir Boys Club – Agyness Deyn

Wiley – Wearin My Rolex (Noir Boys Club Remix)

London peeps might wanna go down Hoxton on the 11th May to the Bar and Kitchen with dj’s Tapedeck, Lillica Libertine and Thick as Thieves as well as live performances from The Real Heat and Glamour Soundsystem and a one off live show by Noir Boys Club.

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