Everybody Loves A Hot Toddy

May 13, 2008

Thems that know have been eagerly awaiting the release of Sound Tape Killin, the new track from Sheffield’s rising dancehall/come/fidget don Toddla T. Happiness will be brought to their face come Monday when it drops in record shops

The lovely peoples at 1965 Records were kind enough to drop some mp3 tasters of Sound Tape Killin and the remixes from big bassline noise boi’s, Detboi and Nastee Boi, for Slutty Fringe readers ahead of the release. Lovin the use of the Percolator sample on Detboi’s re/rub inparticular.

Enjoy and be sure to pick up the vinyl first tingting on Monday from Phonica or Piccadilly.

Toddla T – Sound Tape Killin

Toddla T – Sound Tape Killin (Detboi Remix)

Toddla T – Sound Tape Killin (Nastee Boi Remix)

Sheffield United Bonus: Check out Duckbeats website to hear a rowdy fresh remix him and Toddla T just did of the new Tricky single Council Estate.

2 Responses to “Everybody Loves A Hot Toddy”

  1. sir smackwell Says:

    The download limit for this file has been reched (so says yousendit). Please upload the files again. PLEEEEEEZ!!! Thanks

  2. Baz Says:

    Im dieing for the Detboi remix, but it’s down.
    Makes me a very sad panda!


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