Buddy Peace – Wolf Diesel Mountain Mix (2600 Rec)

May 14, 2008

When I got hold of Home Entertainment, the debut release from boutique label 2600 Recordings, last year my initial reservations about a compilation of leftfield hiphop oddities were swiftly left behind and it featured in the Slutty Fringe Class of 2007.

So I was quite excited to see what they came up with next. Excitement levels cranked up a notch or two when word came through that Buddy Peace was in the lab concocting a very special mix called Wolf Diesel Mountain.

Mr Peace has been a longtime mixtape specialist who first cropped up on the Slutty Fringe radar back in the days of yore when it was not called the Slutty Fringe radar with some lovingly put together, both sonically and aesthetically, mixes with the artist formerly known as Zilla (who now records under King Cannibal and has album deal with Ninjatune) weaving together hiphop, techno, electronica, spoken word and anything else they fancied.

The Buddy Peace Obituary Medicine mix for Rhythm Incursions was featured on these here pages last year and transpires was a sneak peek whereWolf Diesel Mountain was going. The mix dropped through the Slutty Fringe letterbox a few weeks back with a tracklist the size of a obese wooly mammoth.

Spread over a 100 songs and using technology including a MPC, a 303, CDJs and a Egg Shaker it sees Battles, Liars, Tom Waits, Beck and Jose Gonzales diced together with Clipse, MF Doom, Edan, Jay Dee and Mobb Deep and radically reimagined. As the press release says This is a mix of broken hearts and block parties, unfaithful guitars and dusty drums. Special mention should go to the Liars/Edan and Jose Gonzales/MF Doom dustups.

Been meaning to write something about this mix since like the day after it was recieved, but as usual having fun gets in the way and it’s only now that when all alcoholic endeavours are being avoided for a week that words can be put out there – now when the mix can be bought as of Monday just gone.

By way of coaxing you the public into wrapping your ears around it here is a taster mix that Buddy Peace did which re-edits sections of the original mix and throws in a few new bits.

Buddy Peace – Antler God Minimix

Shit can be copped at Boomkat in the UKs and Access HipHop in the USA

As a Buddy Peace bonus here is a splendid mix from the 2003 Archives called Good Grief which still sounds so fucken good these days (it soundtracked the saunter in the sun through South London referred to as the walk home this very evening)

Buddy Peace – Good Grief Mixtape

Lovely chap that he is, Buddy was adamant that anyone who is digging this or wants to know more should show no hesitation to giving him a shout on myspace – So if this is you don’t be shy!

4 Responses to “Buddy Peace – Wolf Diesel Mountain Mix (2600 Rec)”

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  2. […] that, then buy the CD. You won’t regret it. Then I suggest you also go about finding yourself Good Grief and The Commonwealth Kids mix he did with Carlo of Bully records […]

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  4. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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