Hearts On Fire (The C90s Remix)

July 1, 2008

According to this email I got from Modular Australia, the splendid Cut Copy track Hearts on Fire is getting released on Saturday which seems odd to someone with a background of working as a till monkey in a music shop (i.e. muggins)

spread across CD, digital and 12 inches of vinyl it is backed with remixes by Holy Ghost, Knightlife, Midnight Jugganauts and dour Scottish breadstick Calvin Harris.

The Midnight Jugganauts remix has been freely available for ages but it’s not to my taste, I’d quite like to hear where Holy Ghost have taken it but it’s a great shame the immense Joakim version is not on any format other than DJ Google.

What also constitutes a great shame is the fact fledgling UK production duo The C90s effort was turned down at something approaching the last minute (Cut Copy are big fans too, including the C90s remix of The Bell in their excellent So Cosmic mix)

fret not as they passed the remix on as part of a veritable bundle of C90s remix goodness.

Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire (C90s Remix)

As previously reported, C90s are now part of the good ship Black Affair and will soon be embarking on a tour across continents with man like Steve Mason – Look out for A C90s remix of Black Affair surfacing on itunes next week and get involved with the Black Affair album when it’s released 14th July

C90s Bonus Mixtape

tracklist and link after the jump

acos coolkas – skyline (an-2 remix)
low motion disco – love love love pt.6 (aeroplane remix)
metro area – soft hoop
world premiere – share the night (breakdown mix)
chemise – she cant love you
the bar-kays – do it (romeo erotic edit)
glossy 02 – dont chop the music
rogerseventytwo – imagination
siriusmo – urlaub in berlin
munk – live fast die old (maral salmassi & zero cash remix)
who made who – in densivise
cut copy – hearts on fire (knightlife remix)
cut copy – hearts on fire (the c90s remix)
proxy – dancing in the dark
bel amour – bel amour
mouzon electric band – everybody get down
the c90s – untitled demo!
daft punk – harder better faster stronger

Download Here (megaupload link)

6 Responses to “Hearts On Fire (The C90s Remix)”

  1. Zak Says:

    can you re-up these please?

  2. andre Says:

    yes. please. re-up! thaaanks!!!

  3. Ian Says:

    DOOOOOD! PAAALEEEEEEAAAS! this song is soooo dope!

  4. sluttyfringe Says:

    yes well they all have a more permanent home now

  5. The C90s Says:


    Thanks for the awesome blog entry, and for the lovely comments!

    Much love

    J x

  6. anon Says:

    these remixes are great!

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