Man Rec Melt Mix

July 4, 2008

So it’s my birthday soon, the 19th to be exact and I know what I’d like to be doing – getting niceup just outside Berlin at the Melt Festival. This isn’t feasible and i’m more likely to be in some dive club hoping the DJ has exhausted his hunger to play Waters of Nazareth and debating the smartness behind that seventh tequila slammer.

Or I might just stay in and play this new DJ Beware mix, full of unreleased and upcoming shit, several times over and pretend I’m doing the boggle with some curly haired girl at the Man Recordings stage while the Crookers et al get their bass lick on.

1. Intro
2. DJ Edgar – Boxe vs. Axel F
3. Veronica Costa vs. Switch vs. Fatboy Slim – Dece Glamourosa Champion Sound (Edu K Mashup)
4. Daniel Haaksman feat. SD Boys – Parolar De Veso
5. Crookers – Il Brutto
6. Mark Ronson – Valerie (Count + Sinden Mix) vs. DJ Conhecido (Edu K Mashup)
7. Stereotyp feat. Edu K + Joyce Muniz – Jeçe Valadão (Rob B/Stereo MCs Edit)
8. Buraka Som Sistema – Yah (Count+Sinden Remix)
9. DJ Sandrinho – Yazoo Medley
10. Crookers – Lollypop/Crookers – Sveglia (Oh Snap Remix)
11. DJ Beware + MC Gringo – Tamborzão Con Scratchy
12. Skream – Midnight Request Line Remix (Scottie B Remix)
13. Deize Tigrona – Injeção
14. Bonde Do Role – Marina Gasolina Remix (Buraka Som Sistema Dub)
15. DJ Znobia – Dandale.
Download HERE!
Further sonic adventures of a Man Recordings nature head over to Discobella for a new Edu K mix

2 Responses to “Man Rec Melt Mix”

  1. camoscrawl Says:

    Dude, you will be drinking rum!

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    given that I am djing that night now this is most likely

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