Mutes And Drops

July 15, 2008

My ears had steadfastly refused to acknowledge anything good about either Vampire Weekend or MGMT, perhaps because they had not been witnessed in the right context namely a festival (much like listening to the Burial album on a nightbus)

Whilst in New York the benefit of doubt was taken into consideration when Vampire Weekend played a free concert in Central Park along with Kid Sister and Born Ruffians, however half of New York queuing up to get in and a rare but welcome rainstorm, given the heat, put paid to this plan and a prompt retreat to the Museum of Modern Art was made.

MGMT, there is even less enamour – this may have something to do with the presence of Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann on the buttons as there’s plenty of scorn for the Flaming Lips here, it might have something to do with the fact after dismissing Oracular Spectacular at first a few months back the track Kids lodged in my head when I attempted to give the album another chance – most annoying.

Such was the disdain, recent Aeroplane and Justice remixes of Electric Feel were left unlistened too. But today in the mail came a remix of the same track from Pedro aka James Rutledge whose recent album You, Me & Everyone has garnered more speakertime than MGMTs these past few months.

Thus intrigue overtook disdain and gosh if it’s not good, emasculating the vocals some and adding some nice cut up drums, tape delay effects and a splendid synth 3 minutes in

MGMT – Electric Feel (James Rutledge Remix)

Conveniently remembered this remix of Vampire Weekend’s Cape Kwassa Kwassa by the DJ’s DJ Ruckus Roboticus which adds a nice and simple crunchy bump to the Graceland pastiche of the original and has been sitting pretty on my desktop for a few weeks

Vampire Weekend – Cape Kwassa Kwassa (Ruckus Roboticus Refix)

3 Responses to “Mutes And Drops”

  1. Anna Says:

    yesssss james rutledge.

  2. kramer Says:

    oi tony

    the link have run out of bandwidth … can we get a repost???

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