Living In A Box

July 18, 2008

Something that has been played numerous times of late at Slutty Fringe towers is the Dissident Records compilation Veros Artis Volume 1 – Intrigue regarding the Dissident canon was always countered by a reluctance to part with the best part of ten pounds for one sided vinyl with only one track.

Luckily the Veros Artis CD compiles 10 of their best releases from the likes of Binary Chaffinch Invisible Scum and  Helium Robots for the same price as one twelve inch.

Respecting the anti-mp3 stance of the label I suggest you go to Phonica with your feet or with your mouse and purchase the album, marvel in it’s splendidness and decide to saunter to the next Dissident associated night club event which as luck would have it is Buzzbox on the 2nd August on Kingsland Rd with Binary Chaffinch and Andy Blake joining the Buzzbox residents.

Please to check out the Ali Renault mix that Bodybox currently have up, it is rather goods

Ali Renault – Slow Action Mix (direct link)

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