Blamma Blamma – Carry Me Home

July 22, 2008

Whilst the gents from Blamma!Blamma! have been holed up in the studio making some head worrying music for wee Little Boots to sing over, a talented young director in the making called James Cook decided to make a video for their famous on the internet & club soundsystems electro behemoth Carry Me Home.

Labels wishing to furnish young James with big budgets for prospective pop promos should direct their pleas here.

Disclaimer: No animals were hurt, drugged or deafened in the creation of this video

2 Responses to “Blamma Blamma – Carry Me Home”

  1. hunna Says:

    class video!

  2. Yes indeed people.. this video is and also a product of incredibleness… James (+Blammas!) Yes we do… we fuckin love you ¡venga! : ) X

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