Late Night Rongness

July 22, 2008

Having missed out on a vast number of the limited Rong Music releases over the past few years the recent Rong Music Promo Only CD compiling a smidgen of their output was snapped up promptly and has provided much enjoyment for these ears ever since.

One track however was glossed over for some reason until Friday night / Saturday morning when after a evening of drunken merryness and naughtiness it merited repeat listen until after 8am due in no small part to it’s absolute craziness

Thick As Thieves – Kinky Luv Nut

Get Thee to Phonica and purchase the CD now and grab their new Chocolate Star – The Professor Here twelve for the disco jack that is the Greg Wilson remix (the artwork for which adorns this post)

2 Responses to “Late Night Rongness”

  1. Very RONG indeed @$$£^&(*&^*&(&(^*%T%???????

    Get on it!

  2. wendi Says:

    the download page said : The download limit has been reached for this file. Please contact the sender and ask them to resend the file.

    any way to get a copy of this (sorry for all the technical problems lol)

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