Lower Beard Stays the Same

July 23, 2008

If people treat you like you are at a loose end this Friday, come down to the first Adventures Close To Home at the not very decadent looking Last Days of Decadence where the Modular Weekly used to be before they got scared off by the intimidating Russian owners*

Gameboy / Gamegirl are playing their first London gig and they’re the next big Australian thing after the last big Australian thing and MIA’s favourite MC Afrikan Boy is joining in with the liveness.

Plus there is the added swoon bonus of Isa GT and Naomi// djing along with the Illest of Wills and Choaf

Plus Headphone Sex and Slutty Fringe will be doing the bloggers can DJ routine

Plus Ben Richards & The Secret will be rocking the lush, mind-spangling italo-disco-techno-arpeggio-core

Plus I will have my rave on about the new Batmans I will have seen at the Imax the night before

Plus Will and Choaf are buying cocktails for everyone**

*this may not be factually accurate
** it’s true Headphone Sex told me

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