Say It Slow

August 12, 2008

People who still buy records are aware there seems to be a new re/edit label popping up every week, the disco purists might cock a sneer at such things but I’m all for spending seven pounds upwards on some good disco that doesn’t canter out of time when you try and beatmatch two records together and allows the girls on dancefloors to indulge their rollerdisco fantasies.

Super Value Special Edits are a new label out of France, but rumoured to be the handy work of two Italians just this week dropped their first 12 inch in shops with the highlight definitely being Billy Paul’s Let The Dollar Circulate given the lolloping eeeked out groove treatment a la Mark E (check his splendid RA podcast btw) on Dollar

Super Value Special Edits – Dollar

Check the sound samples for the other tracks and get your credit card on at Rush Hour

For mixes on a disco tip you could do worse than check out TwentyFourHours who have had some splendid mixes from Toby Tobias, Aeroplane and Mock (No Toof though) of late

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