Going For Gold

August 15, 2008

Whilst all eyes are currently on the various steroid laced freaks in Beijing trying their best to convince the world that running in a straight line is actually worth watching, closer to home there’s only one sportsday grabbing our attention and that’s one man techno pop wonder Hugh Frost.

Better know as Sportsday Megaphone, Hugh’s much anticipated debut album is out on Sunday Best in a couple of weeks and from what we’ve already heard and from his recent live shows it stands a good bet of featuring heavily in our end of year polls. In the mean time, he’s sorted us out with some remixes from the likes of GoodBooks and Nic Nell to keep us busy.

Sportsday Megaphone w/ Rebekah Raa – Carrying The Years
Sportsday Megaphone – Less & Less (GoodBooks Remix)
Sportsday Megaphone – Body Fat (Nic Nell Remix)
Sportsday Megaphone – Bikini Atoll (GoLab Remix)
Sportsday Megaphone – LA (Copy Remix)

Meanwhile, one of this year’s other great white hopes Metronomy have jumped into bed with Castro baiting Rum peddlers Bacardi to give away a new track. Whilst here at Slutty Fringe we have a long, deep and loving relationship with rum our tastes tend to veer more towards 15 year old Appleton than bat juice, still the track slips down nicely enough and could easily soundtrack a delicate romantic session over the breakfast bar with some over-Breezer’ed new acquaintance.

Metronomy – A Thing For Me (Miami Mix)

A word of caution though unless the object of your affection is so lubricated that we’re essentially talking statutary rape we’d suggest you don’t got the full hog and rock a pair of these bad boys at the same time. Perfect as they are for the sizeable population of you out there who seem intent on dressing up like Timmy Mallet on a night out.

2 Responses to “Going For Gold”

  1. Ryan Says:

    very wordy post… love it!

  2. Pelski Says:

    hahah: “trying their best to convince the world that running in a straight line is actually worth watching”
    i love ur writing.
    big ups

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