Riot On Planet 10

August 23, 2008

DFA are a lucky beast in that they can announce the delay the release until next year of something you would sit through the entire series of Big Brother in the company of Amy Crackhouse and her cadre of sycophantic loons to get your hands on (In this case the 45:33 remixes) and how do you show your frustation?

Quite happily forking out several dollar bills on the clutch of new DFA 12’s that drop in the same week – personally speaking that first smell of the vinyl after you rip the seal just (just) about supersedes the Babytalk remix of Big Ideas or Sal P’s alt discoid remix of The Tussle but can’t beat the excellent slomo psychedelic disco funk Mock & Toof remix of Holy Ghost.

Furthermore the burgeoning Death From Abroad sub imprint grew some just now with the release of Nobody Knows Anything a 2CD retrospective of the last two years worth of vinyl releases by Berlin überlabel Supersoul which compiles 19 tracks that touch on Krautrock, Italo disco, electro, Chicago house and Detroit techno and are all filed under Dancefloor Heat.

Label boss Xaver Naudascher features heavily as does ex Psychonaut Paul Mogg, indeed their are four of their Moon Unit collaborations across the 2 CDs (with the playful ten minute italo workout of Moon Unit Part 1 being a particular favourite) here is their edit of Walter Jones

Walter Jones – The Odyssey Sound (Mogg & Naudascher Edit) / [zshare link]

Get the goodness here

One Response to “Riot On Planet 10”

  1. Ed Unlike Says:

    we like supersoulrecordings … we like berlin … and xaver knows where to spend a marvelous time in town:

    grab your pod, get the tracks running and enjoy a new view on the city!

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