It’s The Principle Of Pleasure

September 18, 2008

One of my most treasured possessions is a battered VHS copy of Queen’s Live In Budapest concert, recorded in ’86, it showed the band and their flamboyant lead singer at the heights of their power. For a textbook lesson in how to hold a couple of hundred thousand people in the palm of your hand it takes some beating and as an impressionable youth I would stand in front of the TV screen aping Mercury’s every move, soaking up his style like a little pre-pubescent gay sponge.

It made quite an impression and I credit my early obsession with the band and Farokh Pluto Bulsara with turning me into the sordid man I am today. Now I never got to see the band live but I glimpsed an echo of Mercury last Saturday when I caught Lex Record‘s latest signings Heartbreak doing their thing at Proud. One of the best shows I’ve seen in recent months, Heartbreak may trade in dark, electro pop and italo disco rather than stadium pomp rock but the band delivered their songs with the conviction and arrogant swagger of superstars and in Sebastian Muravchix possess a frontman worthy of the title.

Like all great acts (and some truly terrible ones) in their minds they already are legends and the world is just playing catch up. Their debut album Lies is out at the end of this month and should do a good job in speeding up the process, in the mean time download their RA podcast, grab the MP3s below and catch them live wherever you can, you won’t regret it.

Heartbreak – Destroy All Power
Heartbreak – Living Just For Fun
Lesser Panda – Ghostdance (Heartbreak Remix)

Oh and since we’re legally obliged to swoon over her at least once a week, here’s a rather nice piano version of Heartbreak’s ‘We’re Back’ as performed by Little Boots… Es Muy Dramatico!

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