Tonight I Want You By My Side

September 25, 2008

Elsewhere on the web those good people at Fact are keeping us entertained with another of their ever contentious Top 20 lists. This week’s one, sure to cause some playground beard pulling, comes from Joel Martin of Quiet Village and looks at his Top 20 Disco Records. Even better once you’ve finished raging at the lack of Class Action’s ‘Weekend’ you can download the accompanying mix and bathe away your worries in a cosmic disco jacuzzi.

Download: Joel Martin – FACT Disco Mix

1. Bobby Martin – Call Me Your Anything Man
2. Personal Touch – It Ain’t No Big thing
3. Touch of Class – I’m in Heaven
4. First Choice – Love & Happiness
5. Cat Stevens – Was Dog a Donut
6. Disco Energy – Disco Energy
7. Demis Roussos – Midnight is the Time I Need You
8. Clymax – Musicland
9. Joni Haastrup – Greetings
10. Barrabas – Woman
11. Rozza & Wine – Disco Boogie Woman
12. Dennis Coffey – Wings of Fire

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