Meet My Girl Cleo

September 26, 2008

Let’s remember now there is more to contemporary Brazilian music than some girl shouting about her popozuda over a recycled Betty Boop loop, here are some examples of that.

Nancy hail from Brasilia and revel in a whimsical indie pop sound more commonly associated with the slew of bands that are borne out of Glasgow. Warp Records rising stars Born Ruffians, the best thing to come out of Toronto since my friend Jen with the curly hair, have just completed their first remix of Nancy’s track Keep Cooler which is more a glorious dub than extreme makeover.

Nancy – Keep Cooler (Born Ruffians Remix)

Far Out Recordings is a label I always used to check in the days before I got run over by the bloghouse bandwagon and was dragged along for several miles (For example of their past excellence check the Troubleman track Strike Hard which absolutely kills on a big sound system)

Anyway Far Out floated back onto the Slutty Fringe radar through the presence of splendid Rio band Binario whose wonky combination of electronic psychedelia and trippy Pluto funk comes as a welcome change from some of the guff that lands in my inbox – even if I have no idea what they’re talking about

Binario – Vamada

Additionally some rather splendid artists have been enlisted to reimagine the Binario sound, among them are Andy Votel, Slutty Fringe favourites Michachu and rising London producer Kwes. Kwes has remixed the track Jazzhole which will be released on rinky dinky seven inch on November 10th, coincidentally when Binario’s self titled new album gets released too.

Binario – Jazzhole (Kwes Rework)

To get more of a Kwes fix hit up Pinglewood for his re/version of The Invisibles

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