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Who Ya Gonna Call?

October 31, 2008

Ahhh Halloween, that special time of year when girls like to release their inner slut under cover of fancy dress and the local youth seem to think that going door to door demanding money whilst wearing a mask is perfectly acceptable.

Also increasingly it’s that time of year when DJs like to get all thematic on our collective asses, and yes, yes, I know you cant move for Halloween mixes at the moment but this one below is a bit more interesting than most and would be  getting plenty of pod time whatever the date was. Put together by Ohio based DJ Peter Pleasurecruise, the fine dark disco tracklisting and inclusion of a spot of Bauhaus guaranteed his mix some Fringe coverage, well done that man.

Peter Pleasurecruise – Holy Shit! That’s Scary – A Halloween Mix

Tangerine Dream – Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)
Bot’tOx – The Crash Theme
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Low Motion Disco – The Low Murderer Is Out At Night
Ennio Morricone – Magic and Ecstasy
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Halloween
Tony Cook – On The Floor (Joakim edit)
Dsico – Everyday is Halloween
Lullabies In The Dark – Song For Marie and Elise (Aeroplane Remix)

Fun And Sunshine, There’s Enough For Everyone

October 29, 2008

Since Tony was giving it a load of lobster yesterday about his gig at the newly pimped out Bar Rhumba, I figured it was only fair to mention in passing my goings on. So if, somehow, you can resist my rum crazed friend’s charms, the other half of the fringe, that’s me, will be up spinning the hits of the day at Proud in Camden, where you’ll also find the likes Acoustic Ladyland, Mercy Arms and The Lovely Jonjo. Mail here for cheap-lists.

Right, shameless self promotion done and dusted I can turn to shamelessly promoting other people,  always better for the soul. This Sunday if you’re looking for something to up lift your spirits (and live in London) then head to The Horse and Groom for Tropicana.

There you’ll find Andy Blake, the man responsible for much cursing and gnashing of teeth when the painfully rare, but all too good, records released via his Dissident label inevitably dissapear before payday comes around, spinning a set of 7″ only reggae, disco, funky psych and cosmic pop at this all day (and night) session.

By all accounts they do a mean roast too, so settle in, get your spuds on and unwind to a whole 12 hours worth of afro, cosmic, funk, disco sounds. All sounds good to me. If you can’t make it or just can’t wait then here’s mixtape Mr Blake put together this morning of, in his own words, ‘fun and interesting 7″s’.

Andy Blake – 7″s Of Mixtape

Disco? Nodisko

October 28, 2008


Despite a propensity to get horribly drunk and a technical knowledge of how CDJs work that stretches to the location of the play button, I have found myself sharing the bill with some rather excellent DJ talent over the years including Trevor Loveys, Hannah Holland, Allez Allez and JoJo De Freq

(this is all for the purpose of self deprecation, I am in fact a skilled DJ, book me I’m ace)

Being a sought after taste maker counts for a lot clearly.

This streak of luck continues on this Saturday 1st November with yours truly being involved in the next installment of Nodisko vs Codex at the newly reopened Bar Rumba.

The legendary Serge Santiago and a super secret guest joining the residents Zak Frost (NoDisko) and Nico De Ceglia (Codex) in the main room, whilst Hippocampus have the ever excellent Skull Juice lined up and have invited me back despite the state I was in last time they got me to play one of their parties.

(it was my birthday, I got to bed at 9am the night before and other such excuses blah blah blah)

This is probably one of the few parties in London this weekend where you won’t have to spend the evening surrounded by fools dressed up as Hannibal Lecter or Wonder Woman all in the name of Halloween dancing to some horrid fidget house remix of Thriller – Get your facebook on here

Check this Zak Frost mix back from July (man’s too busy making tracks for Tiga to do a new one, you know how it rolls)

Zak Frost July 08 Mix via postpocks

For an example of Serge Santiago’s nuance for production check these

Lama – Love Is On The Rocks (Original Tempo Serge Santiago Re-Edit Monday Club Mix)

Husky Rescue – Caravan (Serge Santiago Remix) 

Lama edit taken from this excellent Arcobaleno release – buy here

Husky Rescue remix available on their “Other Worlds (B-Sides and Rarities)” release – buy here

Lost At Sea

October 28, 2008

Ok, so last week in the grip of a cruel and unusual hangover I posted up a track from the new Windsurf album ‘Coastlines‘, that in my pathetic state I thought was a completely fresh catch. Of course once I’d scoffed a roast dinner and was able to pass for a human again I realised that the track had been around for a bit and had also been on that first (wonderful I hasten to add) Windsurf EP. You can only imagine my shame at the beard parlour the next day.

Anyway the album is actually out today and as long as my credit card doesnt play up and I can find somewhere to buy it, it will hopefully be winging its way to me shortly. To celebrate this momentous occasion they’ve sent over another track which on careful examination I can safely conclude hasn’t been released before and so should be a nice bonus for those of you who share my joy in this kind of thing.

Windsurf – Light As Daylight

Windsurf’s ‘Coastlines’ is allegedly out now via Internasjonal. I can’t find physical copies at any of the usual suspects, if anyone spots a copy in the wild drop us a line, but you can grab the MP3s here.

Blood On The Tracks

October 27, 2008

For those of a certain age Grace Jones is a bit of a mythical if slightly scary figure. God knows what damage she did to my pre-pubescent psyche but all is forgiven for the slew of often dub and new wave tinged disco hits she knocked out throughout the late seventies and eighties.

Notable as much for her terrifyingly sculpted physique and eccentric personality as her music, she was a popstar unlike any other and certainly unlike any that would come through the system today,  but you certainly shouldn’t let her unique style and sometimes baffling public appearances on cosy chat shows blindside you to just how good so much of that music was.

With several of her tracks nestling in my all time top 20s, (her amazing rendition of Nightclubbing, the all weather classic Pull Up To The Bumper and one of Trevor Horn’s finest 6 minutes Slave To The Rhythm, for those that must know these things) it was with some degree of elation that I greeted the news earlier this year of Ms Jones’ return to the studio, under the fairly unlikely if welcome aegis of Wall Of Sound.

After much waiting and impatient drumming of fingers that album, ‘Hurricane‘, is finally out next week and I for one am more excited than I probably should be at the prospect. Those with their fingers on the trigger may already have picked up the allegedly bootlegged dubby disco remixes of Williams Blood that surfaced last week, (not sure who was behind them, DJHistory probably has the answer), one of which I thought was absolutely ace and the other just ok, for everyone else you can click below and hear what Belgium’s finest  balearic mogadon trance outfit Aeroplane manged to do with the track, all rather nice indeed.

Grace Jones – Williams Blood (Aeroplane Mix)

Hotlines Running Through My Head

October 24, 2008

Hotline reads as follows:

Talented young things Lillica Libertine and Ronika wear their 80s influences on their naturally rolled up sleeves and indulge in some acid tinged shiny electro disco poppery with a remix of recent handbag disco favourite Blind by Hercules & Love Affair

Hercules & Love Affair – Blind (Hotline Remix)

Three Little Words

October 24, 2008

Do you like to let your imagination wonder down the path to what would happen if your favourite producers remixed, edited and basically fucked around with your favourite artists. I do all the time, which is the excuse I give for the dazed look I generally rock.

Currently all my thoughts are wrapped up in what is going to be the results of Theo Parrish remixing LCD Soundsystem. Your thoughts might be wrapped up in how The Presets (freshly weighed down form a slew of awards in their homeland) might sound after partaking in some Bang Ganging.

Well you’ll know about the latter before I know about the former thanks to your friends and our friends at Modular

The Presets – Kicking & Screaming (Bang Gang E is for Edit)

Coming Back Strong

October 23, 2008

Flying quite low under the radar, the debut solo album from Hot Chip‘s Alexis Taylor just dropped onto my desk this morning courtesy of a label who I’ve somehow managed to pass by up till now Treader (though having flicked through their site I think I can see a long, fruitful and potentially expensive relationship about to be formed with it’s beautifully foil embossed back catalogue).

Having finally got over my dissapointment at the most recent rather lacklustre HC double pack, I was hoping for my slavish fanboy nature would this time be rewarded with something splendid.

Thankfully my hopes have been well and truly exceded as the album, Rubbed Out, will quite happily sit alongside the Chip’s finest moments. If like me the wee man’s voice gives you chills and you agree that the final 3 or 4 tracks on Coming On Strong are as close to sublime perfection that pop gets then you’re in for a treat. With just a smattering of synths to add to the occassional drums and guitar it’s Taylor’s plaintive singing and astounding pop nous that gets pushed right to the front.

Recorded at home, pretty much single handedly, it’s a stripped down and raw affair and definately one for the headphones rather than your local indie discotheque. 15 tracks including a cover of Paul McCartney’s ‘Coming Up’ complete this package of beautifully intimate often fragile music, perfect to wrap yourself up in as the cold winter nights begin to take their hold. I’m getting tired of saying this about records, but honestly this will be right up there in the ever approaching end of year polls us bloggers like to think people care about.

Do yourself a favour and order a copy today.

Alexis Taylor – Coming Up

As we’re getting about ten hits a second at the moment I’ve uploaded it to zSHARE as well in case our hosting provider gets a grump on and pulls the plug on us. And seriously if you like this track go buy the album it’s great and the packaging is plawsh too.

The Slutty Fringe Charts – October Edition

October 21, 2008

John Power  Ten  for  October

1. Mark E – Based On Misunderstandings 2 // Sonar Kollektiv
2. Lunar Jam – Edits Vol 1 // Lunar Jam
3. Mock and Toof – Underwater // DFA)
4. Pat Les Stache – Cabana Disco Vol. 1 // Cabana Disco
5. Entertainment – U 1988?  // I’m A Cliche
6. It’s A Fine Line – Woman // History Clock
7. Surkin – Next Of Kin // Institubes
8. The Juan Maclean – This Simple Life // DFA
9. Fernando – A Kick In The Eye // Redux
10. Sisters Of Transistors – The Don (Hot Chip Remix) // This Is Music

Tonypoland Ten for October

1 Outlander – Vamp (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) // R & S
2 Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix) // XL
3 Roots Manuva – Let The Spirit (Toddla T Remix) // Big Dada
4 In Flagranti – Brush My Beat // Codek
5 Kid Sister – Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) // Fools Gold
6 Richard Sen & Cabzee : Cat Dance // Autodiscotecque
7 Elvis Presely – Crawfish (Pilooski Edit) // D*I*R*T*Y*
8 Eamon Harkin – Johnboy // Wurst Edits
9 Heartbreak – Soul Transplant (Allez Allez Remix) // Lex
10 Beni – My Love Sees In You (In Flagranti Remix) // Kitsune

That’s Entertainment!

October 21, 2008

Seriously, can we all just agree to stop releasing, remixing, re-editing records for a few months, the deluge of new vinyl, week in, week out is just getting relentless. It would be nice to have some breathing space and catch up with just a tiny percentage of the music released over the past 50 years without the constant blind, irrational panic at missing out on some limited edition white label that will be played twice and forgotten about.

I’ve recently considered setting up my router to block access to Piccadilly Records, though even that I fear would be doomed to pathetic failure . I’d probably just spend my lunch hour trawling charity shops to add to my already astounding collection of 38 Andy WIlliams records. So for now I guess I’m doomed to keep constantly clicking on the ‘Just In’ section to make sure I haven’t missed out on some new Harvey re-edit of which only 2 have been produced.

Admittedly it’s not the worst problem in the world. I mean you don’t hear people in war torn countries moaning about Dissident’s release schedule do you. Still its good to have a little moan every now and then and at least you end up with a stupidly large record collection to impress your male friends with.

Anyway currently sitting more than pretty in my record bag is the latest 12″ on I’m A Cliche, Entertainment‘s ‘U 1988?’ EP, notable for both the gorgeous pop art sleeve (by Hatim El Hihi, click on the image above for a desktop sized version) and the superior quality tunes within its grooves. Composed of some time Joakim backing band member Juan de Guillebon and Antoine Montgaudon of the excellent My Sister Klaus, Entertainment make the kind of taut, post punk disco that we’ve all come to know and love so much.

It’s a hefty EP with 5 original tracks and 3 remixes (from Bot’Ox, Michoacan and Kruton) filling both sides of the record, and taking in everything from moody no wave disco to a kind of post-industrial mid eighties electro aesthetic. All in all definately one of the better 12″s I’ve picked up recently and basically the kind of music my band Goths Can Dance would have made if we’d had any talent.

There’s a couple of tracks below at 160, try them out for size then do the right thing and buy the record here (or here), even if it’s just to frame the sleeve.

Entertainment – U 1988?

Entertainment – U 1998? (Bot’Ox Remix)

Oh and since we’re basking under the glow of some prime pop art, I feel it is my very un-fringe like duty to reccomend those in London, searching for some culture, to check out the new Warhol exhibition at the Hayward. I caught it earlier this year in Stockholm and even if you’re not a big fan of the mop haired weirdo it’s a nicely put together collection. Right do we qualify for arts council funding now?

Gang Gang Dance’s Top Musical Hairstyles

October 20, 2008


Eschewing any notions of professional musical journalism, when asked if Slutty Fringe would like to interview Gang Gang Dance we instead tasked them with delivering their five favourite hairstyles of music past and present (handclaps to Bangon)

1 Brian Eno

GGD say: Roxy music era…fake receding hairline


2 Ian McCullough from Echo and the Bunnymen.

GGD say: We strive for our own hair to be like that. Lizzi is always trying to cut Josh’s hair in this style

3 Scratchy from Roll Deep

GGD say: He has two side ponytails and that reminds us of our late band member Nathan Maddox.

(that’s him holding onto his hoody btw [I think that’s what he’s doing] , pictures of Scratchy with the aforementioned hairstyle appeared to be almost beyond the reaches of Google)

4 Sinéad O’Connor

GGD say: mnml hair is sometimes the best

5 H.R. from Bad Brains

GGD say: One giant dread!

Gang Gang Dance’s new album Saint Dymphna is out now and is likely to be sitting near the summit of those wanky end of year charts that everyone who thinks they have a valid musical opinion loves to compile – ourselves included!

Buy it here here or indeed here

Gang Gang Dance – Princes (feat. Tinchy Stryder)

Gang Gang Dance – House Jam

Ocean Of Sound

October 18, 2008

Dedication, like the late Roy Castle, I has it. Despite wanting to do nothing more than coil myself around the toilet and wait for the all the alcohol to finally leave my system in one way or another, here I am posting for your ‘entertainment’.

So, thanks to everyone who came down to The Social last night, we hope those of you who did enjoyed yourselves. I had a great time, even if I’m paying for it now, I can’t speak for Tony but as I last saw him heading east to go to Plastic People I can only imagine he’s in an even worse state then I am.

Anyway, lying here in my pit wallowing in self pity and desperately wishing there was some bacon in the house, some kind of salvation has dropped into the inbox in the form of a new track from the West Coast balearic types Windsurf. Comprised of Sorcerer‘s Daniel Judd and Hatchback‘s Sam Grawe, the two have been responsible for some of the best music released in the last year or so, with Sorcerer’s White Magic high up on my list of favourite albums and the Windsurf EP released back in February still a constant presence in my record bag.

Just the ticket in fact to try and pull me out of my booze induced funk. The track below is from their new album ‘Coastlines’ set to be released on October 27th on Prins Thomas’ rather excellent Internasjonal label, and is a perfect example of the kind of sun kissed blissed out music the pair make. I’d love to wax lyrical about how good they are but I think my body is starting to go into toxic shock.

Right I’m going back to bed to try and recover some life before I go and do it all again at Proud tonight.

Windsurf – Pocket Check

Pickled Onion

October 15, 2008

Two of Accidental Recordings artists collide impressively in this ode to the reappearance on shop shelves of every 90’s schoolkid’s favourite corn based snack (this is my thinking on the matter at least)

The Invisible – Monster Munch (Micachu Remix)

Before The Devil Knows Your Dead

October 15, 2008

You spend the weekend collecting hangovers throughout the boroughs of London and look what happens – inboxes get flooded with mixtapes.

Download, enjoy, put them on your bloody ipod (such grumpiness can be blamed on the untimely death of my ipod – feel free to zshare me a tenner each)

Everybody’s favourite French based Chilean punk funk band (and there are plenty to choose from) Panico are on the cusp of appearing twice in London town, Be on Saturday and Durrrrrrr on Monday, and a bit further away from the cusp of releasing new material.

Two reasons to be happy then! A third reason to be happy can be found in the shape of a suitably odd radio mix compiled by the band that is so hot off the press, the press doesn’t even have a track list

Download – Panico Radio Mix

London based DJ act The Devil Made Me Do It are fans of Slutty Fringe and decided to show just that by by working their way through tracks previously available on this here site and tracks not previously available on this site and inventing a mixtape that is several inches close to the part of brim referred to full with ingenuity

The Devil Made Me Do It Mix Tracklist

1) Lykke Li- Dance Dance Dance
2) Annie- Me Plus One (Rory Phillips)
3) Kraftwerk- Home Computer
4) Joanna Newsom- The Book Of Right-On (Pocketknife)
5) Hercules And love Afair- Blind (Devil Mix)
6) Alan Braxe- Palladium
7) Old Skool Junk-Flamed Up
8) Stevie V- Money Talks
9) Talking Heads- Physco Killer
10) Marco Dos- Not On The Guest List
11) Lykke Li- Breaking Up (Familjen Mix)
12) Madonna- Like A Prayer (Devil Mix)
13) M.I.A- Buckley Done (Edit)
14) Dev 79- That Philly Raw
15) Grovesnor- Drive My Car (Hot Chip Dub)
16) Wire- Three Girl Rhumba (Mock N Toof Mix)
17) Dizzie Rascal- Fix Up Look Sharp (Edit)
18) Mehdi- Charlie Brown
19) Simian Mobile Disco- Its The Beat (Shit Robot Mix)
20) Q Lazzarus And Garvey- Goodbye Horses
21) Uffie- Hot Chick (Acapella)
22) The Black Ghosts- AnyWay You Choose To Give It (Playgroup)
23) The Glimmers- Lets Get physical
24) Free Blood- Never Hear Surf Music Again (Barfly)
25) The Rolling Stones- Play With Fire
26) Mujava- Township Funk
27) The Outfield- Your Love (Edit)
28) Whitney Houston- I Wanna Dance With Somebody (OCD Automatic)
29) Kavinsky Interlude
30) The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s- Maps (Live)
31) The Who- Barbara Oh Riley(Sebastian/Original)

Download Here

Still in recovery from the rather epic mixtape featured on Slutty Fringe, British Males return this time with a swift set recorded the old fashioned way – live and on two turntables – and demonstrates that whilst they might have showed prior concern for the quality of your evening, British Males have scant regard for the quality of your ear drums BASS

British Males Floor Hype tracklisting

Skream – Midnight Request Line (Hot Chip mix)
Buraka Som Sistema – Kalemba (Hot Chip mix)
Daniel Haaksman – Who’s Afraid of Rio?
Drums of Death – Midnight Stalker
Crystal Castles Vs Health – Crimewave (Sinden mix)
DJ Mujava – Township Funk
Ofra Haza – Im Nin Alu – (Scottie B mix)
Dee Patten – Who’s The Badman?
Drums of Death – Breathe

Download Here Here or indeed Here

Daniel Carro is more commonly known to the internet as the 50% of Hijack that is not Jon Chant – this is partly why his solo October mixtape was on it’s way to a thousand downloads when my browser had found it’s way to downloading it. Another reason being the mix is nearly 80 minutes of dancefloor heat removed from the big beat revivalism of Herve et al.

Daniel Carro October Mix Tracklisting

1. Daniel Carro – My Way Of Life
2. Christian Martin – Elephant Fight ( Justin Martin’s Jungle Remix )
3. Rhythm Code – Rise feat. Simone Denny (Popof Remix)
4. Butch – Mushroom Man
5. Audio Bullys – Flickery Vision ( Idiotproof Remix )
6. Filthy Dukes – Tupacrobotclubrock ( Oliver $ Remix )
7. Martin Brothers – Dum
8. The Ooh Wows – Goody Bag ( The Bulgarian Remix )
9. House of Stank – Make U Jack feat Blakfred ( Santiago & Bushido Remix )
10. Yankee Zulu – Head Bob ( Hipp-E Remix)
11. Jesse Rose & Action Man – Take It To The Club
12. Destroy Disco – Fly Or Bounce ( Bart B More Rerub )
13. Chris James – Torcida
14. Idiotproof – Gorilla ( Siriusmo Ass Of The Baboon Remix )
15. Fine Cut Bodies – Beaver Blink ( Zodiac Cartel Remix )
16. Content – Tribute

Download Here

It’s been a at least a minute in internet time since Plimsouls was featured on Slutty Fringe, so now seems like the perfect time to post a new mixtape the young production whippersnapper has done amidst the endless stream of impressive remixes and original tracks.

October Mix

Oliver $ – Rib It
Zoexenia – I Know, I Know (Riva Starr Remix)
Oliver $ – Hotflash
Idiotproof – Gorilla (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Moby – I Love To Move In Here (Popof Remix)
Idiotproof – The Deacon (Duke Dumont Remix)
Jojo De Freq – Welcome to Dalson
DJ Fame – For The People (Hijack Remix)
Joshua Harvey – Beat Bang
DJ Rush – Motherfucking Bass (Popof Remix 2)
Jaimie Fanatic – Break Ya Neck
Mujava – Township Funk
Foamo – Rockerman (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Trevor Loveys – Drop It

Download via Plimsouls rather splendid Techno Jihad blog

Box Energy

October 10, 2008

After laughing so hard I nearly had a stroke at Richie Hawtin and his little Berlin mates Cube thing (i’m still none the wiser…), I’d decided to steer clear of any press releases that mentioned the word for fear I’d do myself a proper injury.

Sadly this meant the launch of a new club in East London compeltely passed me by. The Cube in the basement of Tabernacle is the latest addition to the area’s already pretty busy circuit, so far so what you might be well within your rights to say, but this new venture does have a couple of things going for it.

Firstly from the photos I’ve seen they’ve got a whole kind of Watergate thing going on (for those who aren’t aware of one of the best clubs in the world check here, pretty much shits on anything London has to offer) which is a good start, more importantly though they’ve put 2 of the city’s most clued up club denizens, Ben Rymer and Crispin Dior, in charge of sorting out the lineups guaranteeing some fun nights out right from the start.

Next Saturday is looking particularly large with Pilooski and the Dirty Soundsystem over from Paris, whilst this weekend isn’t too shabby either with Lou (NYPC) and Nova playing tonight and Serge Santiago’s Arcobaleno Records taking control of the decks on Saturday for some wonky italo disco fun. Arcobaleno are right on it at the moment with the most recent Lama/Thai Break 12″ having taken up permanent residency in my record bag the past few weeks and not looking like it’s going anywhere soon, so this should be a pretty hype night out.

To get you in the mood here’s a rather fine mix to stick Serge recently knocked up, be warned though it’s about 140mb, but well worth the hassle.

Serge Santiago – Space Sounds

Of course in all this plugging of nights it would be a bit remiss of me not to mention my own weekly residency at Proud on  Saturday where David and Clem the promoters seem to have got a bit trigger happy and booked double the amount of acts that we normally have. Still I’m not complaining especially when the lineup includes the wonderful James Pants, who I’ve been desperate to see for ages.

You’ll also get the debut London live set from Kissy Sell Out, Dels, Rogues, David & myself, plus various naughty burlesque goings on in the back room from Bioux and Miss Vicky Butterfly. Drop them a line via the Be website and get yourself on the cheap guestlist, though early arrival is advisable for this one as the last month has been rammed down there and this should be no exception…