The Roof Is On Fire

October 9, 2008

One of the worst things about having crippling overdrafts and debts to pay off is that you tend not to be too fussy about the gigs you accept. A state of affairs which often leads to moments of blind panic when you rock up to what you were led to believe was an ‘electro’ night with a bag full of Egyptian Lover twelve inches and find out that the promoter’s benchmark for electro is in fact Robbie Williams Rudebox opus and you have a club full of people expectantly waiting to get edgy as fuck to Calvin Harris remixes of Cher.

Thankfully being a total pro (seriously, book me I’ll rock your world) and with the advent of cheap CDrs, I always come equipped with a handy plan b in case of such emergencies, the trick is just to find enough chart friendly music that’s tolerable to my sophisticated ears. Actually that last bits a total lie and I’m a total slag for good pop music but you have to keep up some sort of front.

Anyway the most requested track over the summer was easily Wiley’s ‘Wearing My Rolex’ which I imagine you’re all sick to death of hearing by now (or not if you party hearty at the kinds of places footballers do), but luckily the chaps at The Heatwave have done the right thing and given the cut a re-rub, getting dancehall legend Beenie Man to shout all over it, and nicing it up for the dancefloor again. Whether you’re at Bungalow8 or some dodgy shebeen in Hackney this is guarenteed to do the trick and get even the most sluggish of crowds jumping.

Rolex It Up (The Heatwave Refix)

Like that? Then you should definately check out their Caribbean Rave mix that surfaced a month or two ago which is pure fiya, as us white people often say. Even better head down to their party with Durrty Goodz at 12 Acklam Rd next week, assuming of course that for some strange reason you’re giving our night the swerve.

Right next post will feature some tracks that haven’t been out for ages, I promise…

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