Bon Chic Bon Genre

October 10, 2008

Many a neon tear was shed when London nightclub institution Nag Nag Nag decided to close it’s doors this summer, one wonders where the capitals Italian Arts student population now spend their Wednesday evenings.

Since then, Nag DJ JoJo De Freq has been holed up in her studio, busy knocking out remixes and tracks to release on her label Mythic, stopping only to dine on Eggs Benedict and to be flown around the world to play CDRs in uberclubs.

The fourth release on Mythic, Welcome To Dalston, has been a bit of a sleeper hit this summer with a relative dearth of press buzz, the sounding like Herve if Herve stopped trying to out Herve himself aspect of the track saw it become one of the most played tracks at Bestival and typically is big with the Shoreditch set.

JoJo De Freq – Welcome To Dalston

for nice fat sounding version go to Beatport.

Next time on Nag Nag Nag: What Happened Next the focus wil be on another former resident DJ Fil Ok ahead of the release of his new album.

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