Box Energy

October 10, 2008

After laughing so hard I nearly had a stroke at Richie Hawtin and his little Berlin mates Cube thing (i’m still none the wiser…), I’d decided to steer clear of any press releases that mentioned the word for fear I’d do myself a proper injury.

Sadly this meant the launch of a new club in East London compeltely passed me by. The Cube in the basement of Tabernacle is the latest addition to the area’s already pretty busy circuit, so far so what you might be well within your rights to say, but this new venture does have a couple of things going for it.

Firstly from the photos I’ve seen they’ve got a whole kind of Watergate thing going on (for those who aren’t aware of one of the best clubs in the world check here, pretty much shits on anything London has to offer) which is a good start, more importantly though they’ve put 2 of the city’s most clued up club denizens, Ben Rymer and Crispin Dior, in charge of sorting out the lineups guaranteeing some fun nights out right from the start.

Next Saturday is looking particularly large with Pilooski and the Dirty Soundsystem over from Paris, whilst this weekend isn’t too shabby either with Lou (NYPC) and Nova playing tonight and Serge Santiago’s Arcobaleno Records taking control of the decks on Saturday for some wonky italo disco fun. Arcobaleno are right on it at the moment with the most recent Lama/Thai Break 12″ having taken up permanent residency in my record bag the past few weeks and not looking like it’s going anywhere soon, so this should be a pretty hype night out.

To get you in the mood here’s a rather fine mix to stick Serge recently knocked up, be warned though it’s about 140mb, but well worth the hassle.

Serge Santiago – Space Sounds

Of course in all this plugging of nights it would be a bit remiss of me not to mention my own weekly residency at Proud on  Saturday where David and Clem the promoters seem to have got a bit trigger happy and booked double the amount of acts that we normally have. Still I’m not complaining especially when the lineup includes the wonderful James Pants, who I’ve been desperate to see for ages.

You’ll also get the debut London live set from Kissy Sell Out, Dels, Rogues, David & myself, plus various naughty burlesque goings on in the back room from Bioux and Miss Vicky Butterfly. Drop them a line via the Be website and get yourself on the cheap guestlist, though early arrival is advisable for this one as the last month has been rammed down there and this should be no exception…

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