Before The Devil Knows Your Dead

October 15, 2008

You spend the weekend collecting hangovers throughout the boroughs of London and look what happens – inboxes get flooded with mixtapes.

Download, enjoy, put them on your bloody ipod (such grumpiness can be blamed on the untimely death of my ipod – feel free to zshare me a tenner each)

Everybody’s favourite French based Chilean punk funk band (and there are plenty to choose from) Panico are on the cusp of appearing twice in London town, Be on Saturday and Durrrrrrr on Monday, and a bit further away from the cusp of releasing new material.

Two reasons to be happy then! A third reason to be happy can be found in the shape of a suitably odd radio mix compiled by the band that is so hot off the press, the press doesn’t even have a track list

Download – Panico Radio Mix

London based DJ act The Devil Made Me Do It are fans of Slutty Fringe and decided to show just that by by working their way through tracks previously available on this here site and tracks not previously available on this site and inventing a mixtape that is several inches close to the part of brim referred to full with ingenuity

The Devil Made Me Do It Mix Tracklist

1) Lykke Li- Dance Dance Dance
2) Annie- Me Plus One (Rory Phillips)
3) Kraftwerk- Home Computer
4) Joanna Newsom- The Book Of Right-On (Pocketknife)
5) Hercules And love Afair- Blind (Devil Mix)
6) Alan Braxe- Palladium
7) Old Skool Junk-Flamed Up
8) Stevie V- Money Talks
9) Talking Heads- Physco Killer
10) Marco Dos- Not On The Guest List
11) Lykke Li- Breaking Up (Familjen Mix)
12) Madonna- Like A Prayer (Devil Mix)
13) M.I.A- Buckley Done (Edit)
14) Dev 79- That Philly Raw
15) Grovesnor- Drive My Car (Hot Chip Dub)
16) Wire- Three Girl Rhumba (Mock N Toof Mix)
17) Dizzie Rascal- Fix Up Look Sharp (Edit)
18) Mehdi- Charlie Brown
19) Simian Mobile Disco- Its The Beat (Shit Robot Mix)
20) Q Lazzarus And Garvey- Goodbye Horses
21) Uffie- Hot Chick (Acapella)
22) The Black Ghosts- AnyWay You Choose To Give It (Playgroup)
23) The Glimmers- Lets Get physical
24) Free Blood- Never Hear Surf Music Again (Barfly)
25) The Rolling Stones- Play With Fire
26) Mujava- Township Funk
27) The Outfield- Your Love (Edit)
28) Whitney Houston- I Wanna Dance With Somebody (OCD Automatic)
29) Kavinsky Interlude
30) The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s- Maps (Live)
31) The Who- Barbara Oh Riley(Sebastian/Original)

Download Here

Still in recovery from the rather epic mixtape featured on Slutty Fringe, British Males return this time with a swift set recorded the old fashioned way – live and on two turntables – and demonstrates that whilst they might have showed prior concern for the quality of your evening, British Males have scant regard for the quality of your ear drums BASS

British Males Floor Hype tracklisting

Skream – Midnight Request Line (Hot Chip mix)
Buraka Som Sistema – Kalemba (Hot Chip mix)
Daniel Haaksman – Who’s Afraid of Rio?
Drums of Death – Midnight Stalker
Crystal Castles Vs Health – Crimewave (Sinden mix)
DJ Mujava – Township Funk
Ofra Haza – Im Nin Alu – (Scottie B mix)
Dee Patten – Who’s The Badman?
Drums of Death – Breathe

Download Here Here or indeed Here

Daniel Carro is more commonly known to the internet as the 50% of Hijack that is not Jon Chant – this is partly why his solo October mixtape was on it’s way to a thousand downloads when my browser had found it’s way to downloading it. Another reason being the mix is nearly 80 minutes of dancefloor heat removed from the big beat revivalism of Herve et al.

Daniel Carro October Mix Tracklisting

1. Daniel Carro – My Way Of Life
2. Christian Martin – Elephant Fight ( Justin Martin’s Jungle Remix )
3. Rhythm Code – Rise feat. Simone Denny (Popof Remix)
4. Butch – Mushroom Man
5. Audio Bullys – Flickery Vision ( Idiotproof Remix )
6. Filthy Dukes – Tupacrobotclubrock ( Oliver $ Remix )
7. Martin Brothers – Dum
8. The Ooh Wows – Goody Bag ( The Bulgarian Remix )
9. House of Stank – Make U Jack feat Blakfred ( Santiago & Bushido Remix )
10. Yankee Zulu – Head Bob ( Hipp-E Remix)
11. Jesse Rose & Action Man – Take It To The Club
12. Destroy Disco – Fly Or Bounce ( Bart B More Rerub )
13. Chris James – Torcida
14. Idiotproof – Gorilla ( Siriusmo Ass Of The Baboon Remix )
15. Fine Cut Bodies – Beaver Blink ( Zodiac Cartel Remix )
16. Content – Tribute

Download Here

It’s been a at least a minute in internet time since Plimsouls was featured on Slutty Fringe, so now seems like the perfect time to post a new mixtape the young production whippersnapper has done amidst the endless stream of impressive remixes and original tracks.

October Mix

Oliver $ – Rib It
Zoexenia – I Know, I Know (Riva Starr Remix)
Oliver $ – Hotflash
Idiotproof – Gorilla (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Moby – I Love To Move In Here (Popof Remix)
Idiotproof – The Deacon (Duke Dumont Remix)
Jojo De Freq – Welcome to Dalson
DJ Fame – For The People (Hijack Remix)
Joshua Harvey – Beat Bang
DJ Rush – Motherfucking Bass (Popof Remix 2)
Jaimie Fanatic – Break Ya Neck
Mujava – Township Funk
Foamo – Rockerman (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Trevor Loveys – Drop It

Download via Plimsouls rather splendid Techno Jihad blog

One Response to “Before The Devil Knows Your Dead”

  1. John Ndege Says:

    great october mix and loving the blog, keep it up!

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