Ocean Of Sound

October 18, 2008

Dedication, like the late Roy Castle, I has it. Despite wanting to do nothing more than coil myself around the toilet and wait for the all the alcohol to finally leave my system in one way or another, here I am posting for your ‘entertainment’.

So, thanks to everyone who came down to The Social last night, we hope those of you who did enjoyed yourselves. I had a great time, even if I’m paying for it now, I can’t speak for Tony but as I last saw him heading east to go to Plastic People I can only imagine he’s in an even worse state then I am.

Anyway, lying here in my pit wallowing in self pity and desperately wishing there was some bacon in the house, some kind of salvation has dropped into the inbox in the form of a new track from the West Coast balearic types Windsurf. Comprised of Sorcerer‘s Daniel Judd and Hatchback‘s Sam Grawe, the two have been responsible for some of the best music released in the last year or so, with Sorcerer’s White Magic high up on my list of favourite albums and the Windsurf EP released back in February still a constant presence in my record bag.

Just the ticket in fact to try and pull me out of my booze induced funk. The track below is from their new album ‘Coastlines’ set to be released on October 27th on Prins Thomas’ rather excellent Internasjonal label, and is a perfect example of the kind of sun kissed blissed out music the pair make. I’d love to wax lyrical about how good they are but I think my body is starting to go into toxic shock.

Right I’m going back to bed to try and recover some life before I go and do it all again at Proud tonight.

Windsurf – Pocket Check

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