That’s Entertainment!

October 21, 2008

Seriously, can we all just agree to stop releasing, remixing, re-editing records for a few months, the deluge of new vinyl, week in, week out is just getting relentless. It would be nice to have some breathing space and catch up with just a tiny percentage of the music released over the past 50 years without the constant blind, irrational panic at missing out on some limited edition white label that will be played twice and forgotten about.

I’ve recently considered setting up my router to block access to Piccadilly Records, though even that I fear would be doomed to pathetic failure . I’d probably just spend my lunch hour trawling charity shops to add to my already astounding collection of 38 Andy WIlliams records. So for now I guess I’m doomed to keep constantly clicking on the ‘Just In’ section to make sure I haven’t missed out on some new Harvey re-edit of which only 2 have been produced.

Admittedly it’s not the worst problem in the world. I mean you don’t hear people in war torn countries moaning about Dissident’s release schedule do you. Still its good to have a little moan every now and then and at least you end up with a stupidly large record collection to impress your male friends with.

Anyway currently sitting more than pretty in my record bag is the latest 12″ on I’m A Cliche, Entertainment‘s ‘U 1988?’ EP, notable for both the gorgeous pop art sleeve (by Hatim El Hihi, click on the image above for a desktop sized version) and the superior quality tunes within its grooves. Composed of some time Joakim backing band member Juan de Guillebon and Antoine Montgaudon of the excellent My Sister Klaus, Entertainment make the kind of taut, post punk disco that we’ve all come to know and love so much.

It’s a hefty EP with 5 original tracks and 3 remixes (from Bot’Ox, Michoacan and Kruton) filling both sides of the record, and taking in everything from moody no wave disco to a kind of post-industrial mid eighties electro aesthetic. All in all definately one of the better 12″s I’ve picked up recently and basically the kind of music my band Goths Can Dance would have made if we’d had any talent.

There’s a couple of tracks below at 160, try them out for size then do the right thing and buy the record here (or here), even if it’s just to frame the sleeve.

Entertainment – U 1988?

Entertainment – U 1998? (Bot’Ox Remix)

Oh and since we’re basking under the glow of some prime pop art, I feel it is my very un-fringe like duty to reccomend those in London, searching for some culture, to check out the new Warhol exhibition at the Hayward. I caught it earlier this year in Stockholm and even if you’re not a big fan of the mop haired weirdo it’s a nicely put together collection. Right do we qualify for arts council funding now?

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