Coming Back Strong

October 23, 2008

Flying quite low under the radar, the debut solo album from Hot Chip‘s Alexis Taylor just dropped onto my desk this morning courtesy of a label who I’ve somehow managed to pass by up till now Treader (though having flicked through their site I think I can see a long, fruitful and potentially expensive relationship about to be formed with it’s beautifully foil embossed back catalogue).

Having finally got over my dissapointment at the most recent rather lacklustre HC double pack, I was hoping for my slavish fanboy nature would this time be rewarded with something splendid.

Thankfully my hopes have been well and truly exceded as the album, Rubbed Out, will quite happily sit alongside the Chip’s finest moments. If like me the wee man’s voice gives you chills and you agree that the final 3 or 4 tracks on Coming On Strong are as close to sublime perfection that pop gets then you’re in for a treat. With just a smattering of synths to add to the occassional drums and guitar it’s Taylor’s plaintive singing and astounding pop nous that gets pushed right to the front.

Recorded at home, pretty much single handedly, it’s a stripped down and raw affair and definately one for the headphones rather than your local indie discotheque. 15 tracks including a cover of Paul McCartney’s ‘Coming Up’ complete this package of beautifully intimate often fragile music, perfect to wrap yourself up in as the cold winter nights begin to take their hold. I’m getting tired of saying this about records, but honestly this will be right up there in the ever approaching end of year polls us bloggers like to think people care about.

Do yourself a favour and order a copy today.

Alexis Taylor – Coming Up

As we’re getting about ten hits a second at the moment I’ve uploaded it to zSHARE as well in case our hosting provider gets a grump on and pulls the plug on us. And seriously if you like this track go buy the album it’s great and the packaging is plawsh too.

5 Responses to “Coming Back Strong”

  1. […] Mind Tricks – Godflesh Cobraconda – So Low Guytunes Mix Alexis Taylor – Coming Up Kidda – Under The Sun (Herve’s Ain’t No Sunshine Mix) Young Life – Im A Boss Ft. Paul […]

  2. […] Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip fame just released his latest solo album, Rubbed Out, and luckily, Slutty Fringe posted this excellent cover of Paul McCartney’s “Coming Up,” which is included on the album. Rubbed Out contains 15 tracks and was recorded at home by Taylor himself, but don’t expect the album to sound anything like Hot Chip aside from the vocals. As you can tell from “Coming Up,” Rubbed Out is quite a bit more laid back and melodic than Hot Chip’s recent material and not nearly as dance-heavy and upbeat, a welcome change of pace from the man with the magic voice. The album is out now and can be purchased through Cargo Records. MP3: Alexis Taylor – Coming Up via Slutty Fringe […]

  3. esa Says:

    man do i wish this would be released on vinyl. what i’ve heard so far is great.

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