Blood On The Tracks

October 27, 2008

For those of a certain age Grace Jones is a bit of a mythical if slightly scary figure. God knows what damage she did to my pre-pubescent psyche but all is forgiven for the slew of often dub and new wave tinged disco hits she knocked out throughout the late seventies and eighties.

Notable as much for her terrifyingly sculpted physique and eccentric personality as her music, she was a popstar unlike any other and certainly unlike any that would come through the system today,  but you certainly shouldn’t let her unique style and sometimes baffling public appearances on cosy chat shows blindside you to just how good so much of that music was.

With several of her tracks nestling in my all time top 20s, (her amazing rendition of Nightclubbing, the all weather classic Pull Up To The Bumper and one of Trevor Horn’s finest 6 minutes Slave To The Rhythm, for those that must know these things) it was with some degree of elation that I greeted the news earlier this year of Ms Jones’ return to the studio, under the fairly unlikely if welcome aegis of Wall Of Sound.

After much waiting and impatient drumming of fingers that album, ‘Hurricane‘, is finally out next week and I for one am more excited than I probably should be at the prospect. Those with their fingers on the trigger may already have picked up the allegedly bootlegged dubby disco remixes of Williams Blood that surfaced last week, (not sure who was behind them, DJHistory probably has the answer), one of which I thought was absolutely ace and the other just ok, for everyone else you can click below and hear what Belgium’s finest  balearic mogadon trance outfit Aeroplane manged to do with the track, all rather nice indeed.

Grace Jones – Williams Blood (Aeroplane Mix)

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