Lost At Sea

October 28, 2008

Ok, so last week in the grip of a cruel and unusual hangover I posted up a track from the new Windsurf album ‘Coastlines‘, that in my pathetic state I thought was a completely fresh catch. Of course once I’d scoffed a roast dinner and was able to pass for a human again I realised that the track had been around for a bit and had also been on that first (wonderful I hasten to add) Windsurf EP. You can only imagine my shame at the beard parlour the next day.

Anyway the album is actually out today and as long as my credit card doesnt play up and I can find somewhere to buy it, it will hopefully be winging its way to me shortly. To celebrate this momentous occasion they’ve sent over another track which on careful examination I can safely conclude hasn’t been released before and so should be a nice bonus for those of you who share my joy in this kind of thing.

Windsurf – Light As Daylight

Windsurf’s ‘Coastlines’ is allegedly out now via Internasjonal. I can’t find physical copies at any of the usual suspects, if anyone spots a copy in the wild drop us a line, but you can grab the MP3s here.

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