Fun And Sunshine, There’s Enough For Everyone

October 29, 2008

Since Tony was giving it a load of lobster yesterday about his gig at the newly pimped out Bar Rhumba, I figured it was only fair to mention in passing my goings on. So if, somehow, you can resist my rum crazed friend’s charms, the other half of the fringe, that’s me, will be up spinning the hits of the day at Proud in Camden, where you’ll also find the likes Acoustic Ladyland, Mercy Arms and The Lovely Jonjo. Mail here for cheap-lists.

Right, shameless self promotion done and dusted I can turn to shamelessly promoting other people,  always better for the soul. This Sunday if you’re looking for something to up lift your spirits (and live in London) then head to The Horse and Groom for Tropicana.

There you’ll find Andy Blake, the man responsible for much cursing and gnashing of teeth when the painfully rare, but all too good, records released via his Dissident label inevitably dissapear before payday comes around, spinning a set of 7″ only reggae, disco, funky psych and cosmic pop at this all day (and night) session.

By all accounts they do a mean roast too, so settle in, get your spuds on and unwind to a whole 12 hours worth of afro, cosmic, funk, disco sounds. All sounds good to me. If you can’t make it or just can’t wait then here’s mixtape Mr Blake put together this morning of, in his own words, ‘fun and interesting 7″s’.

Andy Blake – 7″s Of Mixtape

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