Face To Face on High Places

November 2, 2008

Dinosaurs are cool.

When I was young I drew dinosaurs and gave them to girls what I fancied, thankfully my courting process has become more refined and successful with age.

My pops let me draw pictures of dinosaurs ravaging the streets of Paris all over my bedroom walls.

Dinousaurs and me are tight.

If dinosaurs were alive today they surely would protest at the poor rep Spielberg gave them.

They might even chance their tiny hands at making music whilst munching on human samosa and supping gins and tonics.

That would be splendid.

What sort of music?

Totally Enormous Digital Dancehall Meets Plinky Electropop obviously. durrr

Foreign Beggars feat Dubbledge & Kyza – Hit That Gash (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Rmx)

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