Girth Soup

November 2, 2008

When I went to New York in 2006 for a month in March a little swelling of love and affection for the city grew in the place where my heart is. This notion of city lust dulled somewhat upon my return in the basking heat of June this year.

However, exposure to a gaggle of bands who call the city their home over recent weeks has got me pining for the good times – like when a crazed Czech woman cornered me in Max Fisch and informed me what part of her boyfriends anatomy she would like to stick her fist up and then made allusions to the possibilities of threesomes.

Ahh good times in New York.

Gang Gang Dance and their cosmic journey through the universe of excellence in the shape of Saint Dymphna was the starting point – in the pre ipod death days there was a period of several weeks where this album became something of an obsession.

Here Them Jeans takes House Jam and turns it into a house jam!

Gang Gang Dance – House Jam (Them Jeans Remix)

The hankering grew with Telepathe whose casual take on eery offbeat futurapop was improved upon by the likes of wee Frankmusik, The Mae Shi, Free Blood and Bobby Evans with the Chromes On It Remix EP.

The always awesome Merok offered Melissa Livaudais and Busy Gangnes a big pot of boiled sweets in exchange for bragging rights on a excusive seven inch deal. Being big fans of cola cubes, Telepathe agreed and now you can buy the excellent Devils Trident on little seven inch discs of vinyl from places like the Merok shop

Telepathe – Devils Trident

N.B. Those of us who say London when people ask where you live might be keen to catch Telepathe on Monday 24th November at Catch courtesy of those fine people at No Pain In Pop and Eat Your Own Ears.

School of Seven Bells was the tipping point

Despite choosing a name which veers terribly close to the bed wetting Emo band name territory inhabited by the likes of Broken Social Scene that means I dismiss their work out of hand, today’s tequila fuelled funk has been dulled to a great degree by School of Seven Bells forthcoming album, Alpinism on Ghostly International/Full Time Hobby. The eleven minutes of blissfulness that is Sempiternal/Amaranth inparticular.

School of Seven Bells – Conjurr

Alpinism drops later this month. Mention should be made of the sisters  bonafide saucepottery too! Scotty Pinglewood has the 3,2 & 1 with SVIIB here

I’m off to book some flights to New York

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