Party Politics

November 4, 2008


After our inaugural night at The Social degenerated from an evening of smooth sophisticated balearic disco into a savage episode of table top dancing and Kenny Loggins b-sides we kind of figured the game was up and we’d never darken their doorstep ever again.

Goes to show how little we know. Less than a month later and we’re back, although this to keep us somewhat on the straight and narrow (or at least help polish off the free beer) we’ve asked one of our favourite clubnights/labels and Brixton’s increasingly worst kept secret, Keep Up! to join us.

So expect another night of afro boogie, cosmic disco, balearic beats, new wave and electronic house music. Or possibly all of the above and loads of dodgy rock, bmore and stadium techno, you never know.

Let’s just call it a FREESTYLE HOTMIX, yeah I like that.

Slutty Fringe Loves Keep Up!

Saturday 8th November
7pm till 1am

The Social, 5 Little Portland St, W1

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