And Justice For All…

November 6, 2008

Now I know what you’re thinking, surely the designer has ballsed up and meant to make our name bigger. But we’re humble people, we’ll let it slide.

Seriously though, you know this party is going to absolutely kill it. Jesus, if Justice are on the bill who the fuck is the surprise special guest? I can only imagine it’s a Jay-Z/Obama/ZZ Top collaboration.

Anyway I can safely predict tickets for this are going to fly out the door, don’t delay get yours from here now!

9 Responses to “And Justice For All…”

  1. gary coleman Says:

    Some artists are on the card because of their music while others bargain their way based on the promise of generating publicity for the event.

    I guess that is a fair exchange considering blogs like this get attention from the mp3s they post of actual artist’s material.

    Would you call that … Justice?

  2. h0tsauce Says:

    you know what you are so right

    every day i curse the gods for not inventing WordPress 15 years ago when I first started out DJ’ing, would have saved me so much time and effort.

  3. ruggedsi Says:


  4. wrongtom Says:

    seriously, what you talkin bout willis?

  5. What really gets my goat, is bloggers playing out mp3 mixes downloaded straight from other, more buff hype blogs, at clubnights where “real” artists who actually “write” the music are not even given guestlist places, or are allowed into the VIP area. Disgusting.

    Justice?! There’s no Justice in this! Down with teh internet!
    Home Blogging is killing Myspace!

  6. mankymoomin Says:

    plus…Justice is fuckin wack and you lot better realise…

  7. Robin' like givens Says:

    Normski will destroy allcomers with his weapons of mass dance energy.

  8. yf dubblle Says:

    damn caspa & rusko wtf man seriously the bill is ridiculous i’d prolly have a heart attack if i actually could go

  9. Martje Says:

    Justice is overrated anyways. One trick pony.

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