**CLOSED** Nevereverland Competition **CLOSED**

November 6, 2008

Peoples of Londons, what are you doing on the 15th November?

Would you like to go drinking and dancing in an old cinema in Elephant and Castle with Australias officially new favourite band The Presets, Fred Falke and his pal Lifelike, the Van She kids and their Van She Techs , Pippa Ladyhawke, the awesome Aeroplane, Henry Riton and his disco kraut soundsystem, Stevie Modular and his best 80s hairstyle, Thornton Heath’s riposte to Maroon Five aka Frankmusik and many more

All in the name of celebrating a decade of Modular releasing musics

(just don’t mention the Jack Johnson ok?)


Answer a stunningly simple question and the good people at Modular won’t charge you eighteen to twenty squids for the privilege, no they’ll let you in for free. Well not all of you, but one person and their most attractive friend.

Question: Which Modular act did the awesome Aeroplane remix earlier this year?

Send answer to this email with the words ”Never Say Never” in title – as consolation two people will be picked at random and sent Modular tote bags full with items with the Modular brand on.

Competition ends  Thursday lunchtime with winner and runner up notified by 6pm that night.

If you have allergic reaction to competitions or free stuff or collect ticket stubbs or generally quite rich, then click on this flashy thing below when it says buy tickets to buy tickets

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