A Different Kind Of Justice For All

November 17, 2008

Justice – A Cross The Universe – Trailer from industreate on Vimeo.

French Fancydans Justeeece are returning to the United States of Obama this New Years Eve to play Abba/Ed Banger records and scoff in the face of smoking bans and swig champagne with So Me at Revolution 9 in Chicago and have joined forces with Industreate to allow the good people of the internet the chance to get out for  once and party with them. All in all there are $6,000.00 worth of prizes are up for grabs.

How You Ask?

By indulging your inner Sofia Coppola and directing a video of what made Two Thousand and Eight Great for you, uploading it to fancy video site Vimeo with the tags “JST4ALL” and “SLUTTYFRINGE” and hoping that Xavier, Gaspard and So Me are suitably impressed that they give you the proverbial gold star.

For a more in depth explanation go to Industreate

Unless you have been perfecting your ostrich technique of late, you probably already know about this competition, however real life and stuff has been getting between me and the internet

You know fancy mobile phone launches and hanging with Plugs and Boy Crisis and drunkenly wandering around Waterloo at 6 in the morning looking for the right bus stop – that sort of real life.

Plus Trash Menagerie are threatening to send the thugs in if the procrastination continues

3 Responses to “A Different Kind Of Justice For All”

  1. dan Says:

    i ended up in mile end. it took me about half an hour to figure out which direction i needed to walk in.

  2. sluttyfringe Says:

    Haha and I thought I was lost! damn Marko and his pouch of mystery

  3. Kirsten Says:

    Plugs @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen this Thursday, let real life get in the way again (as long as you don’t mention the £50) x

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