Le Le Musical Haircut Nominations

November 17, 2008

After coaxing Gang Gang Dance into opining on their favourite hairstyles of music past and present we thought we’d run with this flimsy excuse for journalism and invite more bands to partake.

First to bite were French based Dutch trio Le Le, whose track Breakfast is rightfully causing a ripple of excitement at the moment, count fans in the various shapes that Diplo, Soulwax and the Ed Banger crew occupy and have a rather dashing new album, Flage, dropping later this month on Magnetron.

1 Flock Of Seagulls

Best hair by a band, period. They we’re all hairdressers innit?

2 Ray Slijngaard (2 unlimited)

He styled his shavings to the theme of the song, just like we style the theme’s of our songs to, well, themes

3 Sique Sique Sputnick

Just because they can…

Le Le flunk it a bit here and run out of musical inspiration


4 The Comb Over

To pull a jedi mind trick on the number one fear of men…
also known as ‘une Chapeau de Viande’

5 The Toupee

Donald Trump here providing proof that not even all the millions in the world can set you up with convincing plugs

In case you have not heard it, here is the excellent Breakfast

Le Le – Breakfast (Album Version)

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