Fed On Youth

November 19, 2008


Whilst Team Justeeece go into damage limitation mode after the fallout of the I Love Techno Unplugged drama, fellow Ed Bangerite Mickey Moonlight continues to go about his business quietly, furrowing a less sonically abrasive path than the rest of the label roster.

A perfect example of the sound Mickey Moonlight revels in can be sought in his treatment of Singing To The Earth (To Thank Her For You) by Andover band Apollo Sunshine which is being released on a limited edition ten inches of vinyl in February of next year but currently finds itself in a high quality incarnation floating around the internet ready to be snapped up by our throwaway sound loving hypem hugging generation.

Apollo Sunshine – Singing To The Earth (To Thank Her For You) (Mickey Moonlight Remix)

2 Responses to “Fed On Youth”

  1. Fans of remixes (especially SebastiAn) will really love LehtMoJoe’s new track “Tom Petty”. Download it for free here: http://savefile.com/files/1790891


  2. Pat Says:

    It was Manchester’s Warehouse Project and not I Love Techno where Justice were spotted sans leads. Although I’m guessing it was a Freudian slip as they probably mimed at both of these events…

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