November 28, 2008

Polaroids are fun, much better for taking snaps of yourself dancing at Durrr on your own than mobile phones.

Take note Durr attendee who exposed his big ego and lack of dancing panache to much amusement of team Slutty Fringe on Monday

Polaroids almost sound like Polar Bear Androids which are also big funs.

Polaroid Club in Leeds is funner than the camera or the Polar Bear Android.

Next Polaroid (Dec 5th) has Gallic Disco heavyweights Discodeine et Pilooski providing West Yorkshire with the edit funs – you all have Pilooski Moxie and Pilooski Elvis edits yes? No? buy!

Last Polaroid had Nordic genius of many an edit/remix Todd Terje play to hand claps and hip swings all round.

Those smart Polaroid People recorded set – treat ears heres >>> Todd Terje live @ Polaroid 

One Response to “Fun”

  1. peter pleasurecruise Says:

    wow. really looking forward to the listen. thnx!

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