Art and Stuff

December 4, 2008


It’s not all about electro-disco-wonky-noise here at Fringe towers, occassionally we feel the need to talk about all sorts of other subjects that we are equally clueless on and today I’ve decided to take a murky dip into the world of art.

With the economy crashing around our ears, art has been increasingly looking like a safe haven for those with some spare cheddar. Despite one or two wobbles, daubs of paint on canvas (or more likely pickled hedge fund managers in formaldehyde) still seem to be holding their market value.

Those looking to top up their collections would be well advised to check out the Agents of Change curated Nancy Victor Christmas Show. Featuring work from 26 up and coming (or in some cases already come) street/outsider/graffiti art types with names like Grohs, Remi/Rough and Juice 126, you might be hard pressed to find any nice watercolours of fruitbowls but you never know you might even grab yourself the next Banksy.

Personally I’ll be digging out the cheque book and sharpening my elbows to make sure I’m first in line and get my mitts on the piece by Kid Acne, who you should know from his skewed hip-hop musings on Lex Records.

Nancy Victor Christmas Show
Basement, 36 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 2NJ
4 December – 24 December
Monday – Friday 10AM – 6PM
Free Entry

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