Le Freak C’est Chic

December 10, 2008


Having been DJ’ing and running clubnights for over a decade now there has been a fair few times when I’ve slumped down onto a sofa at the end of the night cursing the day I first heard a repetitive beat. At these moments there is a good book I turn to, a book filled with faith, hope and joy and guaranteed to lift the spirits. That book is of course Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton‘s ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life‘.

If you’ve never read it, do yourself a favour and get a copy right away. Tracing the history of the DJ from the dawn of time right up to the present day (well 1999 in my copy anyway), it’s an essential read for anyone who plans on forcing music on members of the public.

In fact even more so than the duo’s other tome ‘How To DJ Properly‘ it should be made compulsory reading for any aspiring jock. If even one new DJ is encouraged to stop and think about what they’re doing as a result before they open their warm up set with banging low bit-rate 130bpm electro house mp3s then the world will be a better place.

Anyway why the long preamble… Well DJhistory.com the website the pair set-up to provide an essential repository of dance music knowledge has morphed into a record label and as you’d expect the first release ‘Le Disco: Tele Music Remixed‘ is just a bit special.

Culled from the archives of the Tele music library, the original tracks were composed at the end of the seventies and destined for use as background music for film and TV. Written and performed by a tight (in every sense of the word) group of French session musicians these sickeningly hard, if not impossible, to get hold of tracks have been dusted down by the DJhistory team and offered up to some of the best re-editors around today.

Featuring edits from the likes of Ray Mang, Idjut Boys, Unabombers, Al Kent and Faze Action, the source material has been tweaked, twisted, looped, refined and primed for today’s dance floors. Available in high quality digital format now, treat yourself to an early Christmas present and a reminder that there’s more to French dance music than overdriven electro.

Tele Music – Disco Free (Faze Action edit)

Those of you in London and not half dead from new year’s eve will be able to hear many of these tracks alongside all sorts of other weird and wonderful disco oddities when Bill joins us, Brighton’s Soft Rocks, new DFA signing Capracara and The Romantic Motherfuckers on January 2nd at Cargo.

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