Tanlines, Blowing Through My Mind

December 15, 2008


So on Saturday I dragged my phlegm filled corpse out of bed to attend Be at Proud where Brooklyn duo Tanlines were playing the last of four dates on their short UK tour. I’d been meaning to check them out beforehand, but well fundamentally I’m a lazy man so all I had to go on was my partner in Fringe Tony’s word that they were indeed splendid.

Thankfully they were good to that word and the pair were enough to lift my wintry virus ridden spirits. Coming on like the  house band at some Caribbean resort which by some curious twist of journalistic license has been taken over by the DFA, they mixed and matched thumping electro disco with touches of afrobeat guitar, sun kissed tropical percussion and the occassional muted chant. All very danceable and nice especially when every now and then a great big filthy bassline reminiscent of something off an old UKG record burst through the mix.

It was probably the medication but if I closed my eyes the music conjured up images of neon palm trees blinking on and off and pipe smoking dolphins frolicing in the surf. Actually it almost certainly was the drugs but still it was a strong look. They have a 12″ out this week on Young Turks and we strongly advise you to buy it for yourself as an early Christmas present, it would definately look good in your Piccadilly basket alongside the new Greg Wilson RVNG twelve.

As an added bonus I grabbed the briefest of words with them after their show and in best journalistic fashion can happily report that they were not assholes (better make space on the mantelpiece for that Pullitzer). Hopefully they will be back over here soon, I know we’d be up for getting them down Last Days next year. Anyway til lthen here’s the video for debut single New Flowers directed by Marisa Olson.

Only fair to give the other band on the bill, the always excellent Chik Budo, a plug too. Their death-jazz-punk stylings have been entertaining me for a couple of years now and they were on fine form on Saturday. Apparently they have a record out as well, which is a good thing, sadly by the time they’d finished I was hiding at the back of the DJ booth as the river of snot exiting my body had begun to turn into a full on flood and I didn’t get round to grabbing a copy off them. Boo.

Right I’m off to consume a pint of Lemsip.

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