Never Be Alone

December 17, 2008

Poor Simon Lord.

Whilst the first fruits of his solo project Lord Skywave was released, rather unjustly, to a near complete lack of critical fanfare back in September, Simon’s Black Ghosts cohort Theo Keating has enjoyed a innumerably more impressive year under his Fake Blood nom de plume .

Remixing all and sundry, getting the internet all in a fluster as to the true identity of Fake Blood and is currently being  jetted round the States wowing our American friends with his DJ skills and penchant for face scarfs.

It’s almost like no one remembers The Wiseguys.

We can only presume that Simon currently spends his evenings  playing with rusty nails and a James Ford/Jas Shaw conjoined twin-esque voodoo doll for entertainment, counting down the days till Theo gets back and pops round for a cup of tea and a slideshow of  the Fake Blood Stateside tour.

Still, all is not lost for Lord Skywave!

No,  This Is Music got a cluster of splendid producers to remix his tracks as an early Christmas present.

Fans of Grovesnor can clap their hands and say yeah as Slutty Fringe has his trademark boogiefied take on Lord Skywave’s I Am A Dead Man.

Lord Skywave – I Am A Dead Man (Grovesnor Remix)

Fans of Andy George, Various Production and TRG will be happy to know Boomkat has the digital dibbs on their remixes of the Lord Skywave track Something. Golf claps to Boomkat for the inclusion of using the phrase neon kappa tracksuit flavour as means to describe these remixes.

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