Loud En Up Now

January 5, 2009

Microsoft Word - ABRCD001 - Loud E Fied CD Vol 1.doc

So as mentioned in my ‘painfully obvious review of the year’ I’ve become quite partial to the tasty treats served up at the Ambassador’s Reception, one of a clutch of superior re-edit labels that stood out from the crowd in 2008.

With sometime Chicken Lips DJ and full time Bear Funk’er Stevie Kotey and Dolan Bergin (who also runs the excellent Electric Minds label) in control AR was always going to be one to watch, that to date pretty much all the twelve inches released have been by Dutch disco obsessive Loud E just made it unmissable and guaranteed that every release has swiftly made it’s way into my shopping basket.

As befits someone who has been hunting down and playing out the choicest obscure disco cuts for several years now, most notably on I-F’s much missed CBS radio station, his re-edits are no mere cut and paste hack jobs of obvious floor fillers but instead perfectly refined slabs of dance floor devastation.

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have been cornered by me in a club in recent months you’ll already probably be sick of me going on about the last EP with the psychotically heavy ‘Afrika, Afrika’. Trust me you need this record in your life, if I was in the habit of driving drunk around Lagos in the middle of the night with just a bag of collie weed for company this would be in the tape deck every time. I don’t know where he finds the originals but I’d pay good money to tag along on one of his crate digging missions.

Anyway now after 11 releases on vinyl, the Ambassador has reached out to those that prefer to smear jam on their music and compiled 11 of Loud E’s heaviest unreleased bangers on to one CD, Loud E Fied. A collection that hangs together so well as a coherent whole that it further blurs the already rather hazy line between re-edited track and sample based ‘original’.

Ranging in nature from stomping Moroder-esque arpeggiated synth jams and lush orchestral maneuvers in the dark to slow-mo percussive tribal work outs and full on funk freak outs, the common theme running through all these tracks is the feeling that they could be sound tracking green skinned space vixens getting hot and heavy with some tentacled player at a discotheque on Venus.

I’ve been extensively road testing this album in clubs for the past month or so now and am happy to report that every track is a winner. With the last few years’ disco renaissance showing little sign of slowing up as we hurtle through into ’09, it’s highly unlikely this will be the last collection of re-edits you’ll be hearing about this year, but it will be one that you’ll still be going back to in 12 months to come.

Loud E – Highways of Haze

Released on the 23rd, Loud E Fied would be a worthwhile addition to any collection, you should be able to pick it up from any of the usual suspects, for their services to my own personal bankruptcy I’d recommend Piccadilly.

Whilst we’re on the subject of disco, a big slutty thanks to all of you who put NYE hangovers and thoughts of credit crunches and detoxes out of mind and came down to Cargo last Friday. Over 800 of you made it, which… well let’s just say we were very happy and slightly overwhelmed to see and judging by the happy faces on the packed dancefloor at the end of the night it was worth braving the cold for. A special big thanks to Soft Rocks, Bill Brewster, Jonny Burnip and The Romantic Motherfuckers for giving up the comfort of their homes and joining us.

Still no rest for the wicked and this Saturday (10.1.09) Tony and I will be spinning discs in between and after the likes of Let’s Wrestle, Tin Can Telephone and Cats in Paris at Be‘s night at the Proud Gallery in Camden. We’d to see some fringes in the crowd so if you drop us a line HURRR with names before Saturday we’ll stick you down on our cheap guestlist.

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