Abandon Ship

January 11, 2009

With the mainstream media whipping itself up into a frenzy over 2009 supposedly being the year of the synth pop girl act (only yesterday the irritating Alexis Petridish used the Weekend magazine portion of the Guardian to fawn over Little Boots) the fact ickle Micachu is on the cusp of releasing her debut LP, Jewellery can be seen as something of an antidote.

Out on Accidental on February 2nd, Jewellery is anything but polished female sythpop, with a charming fuzzy veneer present over all 15 tracks. Matthew Herbert may have acted as producer but thankfully his slightly tiresome ‘let’s make a musically political statement with this avocado and a copy of The Sun” approach is entirely absent.

Jewellery has been soaking up the battery on my ipod for several weeks now and will undoubtedly feature on the Slutty Fringe 2009 best of lists which will be great this year, promise.

Here are two of my favourite tracks from the album, you can listen to more at the Micachu Last FM page

Micachu – Abandon Ship

Micachu – Golden Phone

Those of you that consider yourself a fan of both Micachu and Late Of The Pier are in luck as the former is supporting the later on tour throughout the cities of the UK in February.

One Response to “Abandon Ship”

  1. adam Says:

    Yeah dude, Micachu is cracking. they gave a plug on the Guardian music weekly podcast so Little
    Boots aint dominating over there…which is nice.

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