More Props & Stunts Than Bruce Willis

January 12, 2009

Thanks to R Whites, my childhood was blighted by nightmares involving a sinsister Roy Orbison lookalike creeping round my kitchen in the middle of the night to feed his lemonade addiction.

Thus to this day I treat Lemonade with the contempt most reserve for the plague.

Either Pure Groove affiliates Singleton & Stopmakingme are too young to remember this haunting advert or they’re made of sterner stuff.

This assumption is made as they recently decided to add some plinky acid line remix pzazz to Big Weekend by Lemonade, perhaps the twelth thousandth, six hundredth and thirty fifth hotly tipped band to surface from one of the districts of New York City since I woke up.

Lemonade – Big Weekend (Singleton & Stopmakingme Remix)

One Response to “More Props & Stunts Than Bruce Willis”

  1. that commercial is AMAZING. oh, remix is pretty tight too. lol.

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