Full House!

January 14, 2009


You ever go to the bingo as a kid? I still vividly remember many a night spent in chilly community halls in Cornwall, desperately working 10 different game cards in the hope of waltzing off at the end of the night with an oversized marrow. Great days.

In the quest for some wholesome, quaintly retro family friendly fun we decided to give our local bingo hall a go last year, but sadly it just seemed to be full of morbidly obese people shovelling coins into slot machines and bellowing at one another over the sound of Tammi from Bolton winning half a million via their televised live national link-up. Give me marrows, obliging farmer’s daughters and suspiciously out of date bottles of stout anyday.

A world away from Surrey Quays Gala Bingo lies DJ Zinc‘s Bingo Beats, who the last time I handed over good money for one of their records (Jammin’s ‘Go DJ’ back in 2001 fact fans) were pursuing a kind of hard mutated garage meets electro breaks route. Anyway out of the blue, a new mix from Zinc dropped into our inboxes this week and obviously I should have been paying more attention over the years as it’s packed full of the kind of blog friendly acts (Hot Chip, Boy 8-Bit, Fake Blood, etc) that you (lovely) slags can’t get enough of.

So just in case like me you might have missed this, correct yourself and grab it here… Tracklisting after the jump.

DJ Zinc – House Mix


Kidda – JB remix
A-Trak – Shake It Down
Zinc – Pimp My Ride
Mr Oizo – Positif edeet
Bodzin – Rubin
NG + Katy – Tell Me
Zinc – Blunt Edge
Hot Chip – Touch 2 Much (Fake Blood Mix)
Magic Mix 1
Mystery Jets – Half in Love (Foamo edit)
Boy 8 Bit- Wolfen
AVH- Ski Harder
Ghetto Spells
Warrior – CVS (remix)
Zinc – Horrible
JB – What (b8b mix)
Proxy – Din Dah
Journey into Sound
Busy P –  Protect + Entertain (Crookers remix)
Watch Dis
Reservoir Dogs – Buddah Finger
TC- Wheres my money (caspa/jb longer mix)
Proxy Raven – Nolay Special
Zinc – 138 trek
Zinc Loves Leia

One Response to “Full House!”

  1. peeps11 Says:

    Brilliant! Simply Brilliant!

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