It’s All About The…

January 14, 2009


I know it can be sometimes hard to remember that there’s more to Brazilian music than chopped up eighties rock samples, the tamborzao beat and someone shouting about big asses but the country has produced some glorious music over the years, from bossa nova to the Tropicalia movement of the sixties and some punishingly loud thrash metal in the eighties.

One label who has been doing a pretty good job of documenting the more leftfield offerings from the country over the years is the excellent Far Out Recordings, who have just sent us the new EP from Rio’s Rabotnik entitled ‘Lounge Ass’. You see even when we stay well clear of the baile’s there’s just no getting away from the rump with these crazy kids, though to be fair if I spent most my days surrounded by Brazilian women there’s a fair chance I’d have devolved into some kind of rapacious cartoon wolf by now too.

Anyway back to the music, Rabotnik spurn their fellow countrymen’s love of cheap synthetic drums instead opting for something more expansive and experimental, this is darkly cinematic electronic mood music,  run through with a post-rock edge (I’ve just read that back and I apologise for the awful sub-OMM hack writing there, still it’s the best my brain can do today) all of which puts me in mind of the also excellent Capitol K, always a good thing.

Annoyingly of all the tracks I’ve heard, DDP, the one the label have let us put up is probably my least favourite. Still if you can ignore the one or two brief moments when it sounds like the guitarist from Thunder has accidentally walked into the studio it should give you an idea of what to expect from the rest of the EP. Right I’m off to Google at popozudas.

Rabotnik – DDP

Oh, and since we’re on the subject of Brazilian music  if you’re in the mood from something a little different try hunting down Milton by Milton Nasciemento, recorded in ’76 with Herbie Hancock, it’s one of my favourite albums ever and not a fat ass in sight.

4 Responses to “It’s All About The…”

  1. mr x Says:


    ddp is a binario track, non?

  2. h0tsauce Says:

    hello Mr X

    sorry this was a bit of a hasty post and i should have gone into more detail.

    Rabotnik was started by Eduardo Manso and Estevão Casé of Binario, as far as i can work out they expanded the project adding their fellow Binario band mates Bruno di Lullo on electric bass and Rafael Rocha on drums and completed the line up with the non Binario Daniel Romano

    so that would explain the over lap in songs.

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