On Yo Majesty’s Not So Secret Service

January 16, 2009


Being a lesbian must be off the fucking chain. I should know I’ve watched enough, errr… documentaries on the subject.

Anyway Shunda K of Yo Majesty sure sounds like she’s having fun on this new EP, ‘Le Passion Yo’ she’s recorded with Brooklyn’s Kotchy. 4 Tracks of glitched up, electronic beats and breathless sleazy raps. 3 sleazy slow jams that sound like Rustie remixing Jam & Lewis, perfect for a little bump and grind and 1 more up-tempo number perfect for working up some girl sweat to. Club bangers one and all.

No release date as of yet so fill your boot with these 2 tracks for now. Right I’m off to get in touch with my inner girl in the bathroom.

Kotchy – Holla

Kotchy & Shunda K – We Feelin’ Each Other

Thanks to Mark at Civil Music for sending these over.

2 Responses to “On Yo Majesty’s Not So Secret Service”

  1. deatreo Says:

    Sick Sick Sick! Nice one

  2. nurndrync Says:

    He swallowed, eyes still closed, as she wrapped her hand around his slippery, wet shaft. His throat worked to swallow, and a fine sheen of sweat shimmered on his skin. Lanthan saw her move. The noise from the spectators filled the wideopen space, excitement building as oiled bodies grappled. His hands were comforting weights on her shoulders, helping her to ground. Her gifts were not of the same caliber, as they were divinely enhanced. I dont think theres any hurry to start. Im here should you need me, he murmured, folding his legs underneath him. Blue eyes stared at her from an expressionless face. Steeling herself, she turned to face Brevin. Her fingers curled into fists, and she pounded both of them on his chest. Brevin sat on the side of the bed, leaning casually on one arm. He heaved an overly done martyred sigh. But Brevins weight kept her where she was. Whispering low in the smaller mans ear, he pulled Tykir away. Clever fingers pinched her nipples. She considered lighting one or two of the lamps but discarded the idea. She couldnt help her smile. But she needed to know one more thing. He wrapped strong arms about her waist, crushing her against him as he stood.

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