Is That A 7″ In Your Pocket?

January 20, 2009


Having spent much of the past two years conspiring with our fellow bloggers to destroy the music industry as we know it, we felt that 2009 was as good a year as any to pick up the pieces and rebuild it in our own image.

With that in mind, ladies and gentlemen we are delirious with joy to present to you our very own record label, Hot Pockets.

February 2009 will see the release of our debut 7″, and trust us it is great, three and a half minutes of sublime electronic pop music. Full details to come soon, but for now you’ll have to make do with a party to mark this momentous occasion. Apparently millions have already gathered in Washington to celebrate this historic day, now you can to. Friends can we change the music industry, YES WE CAN!

Join us for a night of raucous celebration on Saturday 31st of January at newly tarted up boozer Ivan’s Retreat in Brixton, where we will be spinning a very special slutty selection, bring your dancing shoes, you’ll need them.

If you’d like to join the all new Slutty Fringe / Hot Pockets mailing list and get news of our releases and parties, thoughts on the world and maybe some sneaky exclusive tracks delivered direct to your inbox then drop us an email here and we’ll hook you up.

8 Responses to “Is That A 7″ In Your Pocket?”

  1. Plimmo Says:

    Congratulations guys, thats awesome!

  2. Proper Songs Says:

    real life records! its a revolution!

    looking forward to hearing it.

  3. But how do I play it on my ipod?

    ; )

    Congrats buster!

  4. mandu Says:

    Bitchin’ – take it to the man 7″ style.

  5. Hotpock3tz Says:

    Love the name of the record company….seeing how i’ve been spinning under that name for some time 🙂 best of luck too ya’ll 🙂

  6. fred tectonic Says:

    big tings

  7. boody b Says:

    congrats! i’m sure itll be stellar!

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